Unfrozen Caveman Guitar Player

I am play the blues guitar. I am great. Bring down the man. Capitalism sucks.


2 thoughts on “Unfrozen Caveman Guitar Player

  1. I can sing the blues like it’s nobody’s bidness. Been happy till now to keep things that way, but ‘da man ain’t happy leavin’ it so. A good blues guitarist might shake me outa my woodshed, if he can keep up. Got a vintage Gibson ES335 Electric Thinline Archtop just in case someone turned up to fill these shoes. Big shoes they are, but if you feeling like making the man “ssshake” in his shoes, and don’t mind workin hard to lay some ground work to bring it together, man I swear we could have some serious times….provided of course you don’t scare easy and got nothin better you’d rather do.

    Just thought I’d throw a bone, since I thought maybe you have one to pick, like myself.



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